Admission process


  1. Necessary documents and application form to be mailed to school (Primary review)
  2. The school will notify you of the results after the secondary review(6 months prior)
  3. Issuance of admission letter
  4. Payment of school fees
  5. Certificate of Eligibility will be mailed to student to head to the embassy to apply for Visa
  6. Purchase plane tickets to Japan and notify school (15 days prior)
  7. Arrive in Japan 3 days before school starts Start life in Japan

Conditions for Applicants:

  1. Must be a High School graduate (completed 12-years of regular school education) or above and meet the following conditions.
  2. Be physically fit
  3. Satisfied the Japanese Language Education Institution’s requirement for 180 hours or more of Japanese language studies
  4. Admission to elementary school at 5 years old or 8 years old (certificate required)
  5. Possess a certain level of financial capability
  6. Minimally a high school graduate (completed 12-years of formal education) or equivalent
  7. Participate actively in class and study Japanese seriously

How to apply for admission

You can apply for admission at our school in the following ways:

(1) An acquittance living in Japan to come down to the school and obtain the necessary application materials.

(2) Contact the school by phone and ask for the necessary application materials to be mailed to you.

(3) Fill in the necessary application form through an agent or a study center.

※ Please read the instructions carefully and prepare all the necessary documents. Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please apply before the application deadline. We cannot accept applications beyond the application deadline. In addition, all submitted documents will not be returned except for important certificates such as ID cards.

When the “Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence” (“Notice of Entry Permit”) arrives, please head down to the embassy and apply for a visa.

Long-term courses which require a student visa

General study abroad courses, special academic courses, business courses, require a student visa. A student visa usually lasts for one year (1 year and 3 months) at the time of enrollment and can be renewed to a maximum of 2 years. (In the case of a new school, only 6 months of stay will be permitted at the time of entry, until the school receives proper school accreditation by the Ministry of Justice Tokyo Immigration Bureau. You can then renew your visa and stay for up to two years.)

Required documents


School Fees payer

Since the documents to be submitted vary depending on the background of the applicant,please contact the school by email.

Application period of each course

2 years, 1 year course (Admission in April)

Application period: September 1 – November 2

1 year and 9 months course (Admission in July)

Application period: December 1 – February 20

1 year 6 months course (Admission in October)

Application period: March 1 – May 20

1 year and 3 months course (Admisson in January)

Application period: June 1 – August 20

Short-term courses using other types of visa

The listening comprehension course can be taken without a student visa.

Can be someone who plans to get a short-term stay visa, or someone who already has a work-holiday visa, or people who hold long term residence in Japan such as family visas, Japanese spouses, permanent residents etc.

Therefore, students in this course need not apply for a student visa to be admitted.

   Required documents
Application for admission (short-term course) (82 ダウンロード)

・Passport photo

・Photocopy of Passport

Duplex copy of residence card

Mailing address:

Tokyo Fuji Language School

Zip code: 〒131-0033

School Address: Japan Toyko Sumida-ku, Toshima 2-18-5

Phone number: 0081-3-5637-7189 (representative)

Fax number: 0081-3-5637-7179


Selection method

Document review, interview, written exam

(1) Preliminary examination of application form, only those who passed will proceed to the next step.

(2) Selection fee payment: 25,000 yen

(3) On-site interview and written exam (selection fee cannot be refunded if passed)

(4) Preliminary review of the necessary documents for visa application (please strictly follow the deadline for submission of application materials)

Frequently Asked Questions about School Admissions and Applications:

Can I email in my mother tongue?

Emails can be sent in 4 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Vietnamese)

Are there age restrictions to apply to the school?

No, there are no age restrictions.

Is it necessary to translate the submitted documents from my mother tongue?

Translations must be added to all documents not in Japanese. To ensure for correct spelling, it is recommended to translate the document to English.

Admission documents, resumes etc. should be typed out.

For the application form, it is recommended to type out to ensure for correct spelling. Hand-written application forms are discouraged.

How do I pay the school fees?

Please contact us directly if you have any queries about payments.

Is there a problem if my payer is non-Japanese?

No, your payer does not have to be Japanese.

What is the minimum balance required in the bank for the payer?

It depends on the duration of study, but a minimum of 1.5 million yen is needed.

Can I act as my own payer?

You can act as your own payer if you have been employed at the same company for the past 3 years and have a bank balance of more than 2 million yen.

You may be required to submit the deposit/withdrawal details of your bank account for the last 3 years.

Is it only necessary to submit the balance sheet of the bank account?

There may be additional requests to submit the deposit/withdrawal details of your bank account as well, so do prepare in advance.

About the Refund of School Fees

As a rule, we will not refund the tuition fee paid.

However, only cases below may be refunded.

Applicants who wish to enroll had their visa application rejected by the embassy, fees other than the selection fee – admission fee, tuition fee, teaching materials and facilities cost can be refunded.

However, a certificate stating the reason for the denied visa is required.

If a visa is issued by the foreign diplomatic embassy but applicant declines enrollment before school starts, fees other than admission fee and selection fee – tuition fee, teaching materials and facilities cost will be refunded. However, a certificate stating the reason for cancelation of visa is required.

After one year of enrollment, payments for tuition, teaching materials and facilities will not be refunded regardless of the reason of withdrawal.

However, part of the tuition fee may still be refunded if the following conditions are satisfied.

Reason for withdrawal is due to medical conditions and student is forced to return home to seek medical treatment or other unpreventable circumstances.

Withdrawal from school is due to personal circumstances (excludes those recommended to drop out by the school and suspension or expulsion from the school)

Submit withdrawal application

Be sure to leave Japan before the stipulated date.

Submit flight number and date of return to home country.

The withdrawal procedure can be completed by the named payer’s bank account from their home country.

Applicant must bear the 10,000 yen administrative fee of the tuition fee refund procedure and the remittance fee (actual expenses)

(Note) Unattended semester refers to the semester following the semester that the application for withdrawal was submitted up to the 4th semester.

Teaching materials and cost of facilities of each year will not be refunded after the start of the academic year.