People with short-term, work- holiday and family visas etc. are eligible

Students in this course can study with the students in the long-term course and will receive the same guidance. After completing this course, you can also transfer to a long-term study visa if you wish.

Required Japanese Proficiency: open to all levels

※ The initial class level is determined by the results of the placement test

Visa Type: Short-term stay, Work-holiday, Family stay, Japanese spouse, Permanent Resident etc.

Admission Type: April, July, October, January (as a rule)

Length of Course: 3 months (can be extended)

Curriculum overview: refer to long-term course curriculum

Lesson timings: Half day in the morning or afternoon

Application Period: ends one week before course commences

Fees of listening comprehension course
Length of Course3 months
Application Fee_
Admission Fee¥20,000
Tuition Fee¥180,000
Admission process

  1. Necessary documents and application form to be mailed to school (6 months prior)
  2. The school will notify you of the results of the review (1 month prior)
  3. Payment of school fees
  4. Certificate of Eligibility will be mailed to student
  5. Student to head to the embassy to apply for Visa
  6. Purchase plane tickets to Japan and notify school (15 days prior)
  7. Arrive in Japan 3 days before school starts Start life in Japan