School Introduction and Welcome Message

Haneda Airport is a 39 minutes journey from school while Narita Airport is 49 minutes away.

As an international student who wants a place to learn about Japanese culture and live with peace of mind, it is also important to find a place that has convenient transportation from the airport.
Our school is in the Asakusa/Tokyo Skytree area which is one of Japan's major tourist destinations. It also had good direct access to both Tokyo Haneda and Narita Airports.

Principal's Message to International students:

Tokyo Fuji Language School is established in Mukojima, Sumida Ward - a place where historical sites of Edo and modern landmarks like Tokyo Skytree coexist.
It will become the first Japanese language school in the Tokyo Skytree area.
To be able to play an integral role in the increasingly globalized world of today, it is paramount to be able to understand and communicate in foreign languages across different cultures.
Under the advice of veteran Japanese language teachers, we have put together a young and experienced faculty that will provide you with high quality guidance in your Japanese language learning endeavors.
By participating in various immersion programs organized by the school throughout the year, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture. The teachers and staff also do their best to ensure that every student gains the necessary skills to cope in the multicultural world through their learning of the Japanese language and culture.

Faculty's Message to International students:

Thank you everyone for your interest in our school. We are now connected by fate.
The key to learning a foreign language is to have clear goals and to be openminded. I hope that all students at our school will have clear goals and an open mind.
Through Japanese, we will help these students cultivate the three skills required to live in a multicultural society. The three skills are "listening to the opinion of others seriously", "expressing your own opinons concisely and clearly" and "to be openminded and regard things from a global perspective".
In order to nurture these three skills, our school uses three tested methods. They are "guidance for accurate pronunciation", "clear explanations" and "precise class instructions"
Master the correct pronunciation. Use easy-to-understand grammar explanations. Make use of the multicultural classroom to highlight "Differences" and to guide students.
Let us learn together to realize our Skytree-sized dreams under the Skytree.

Tokyo Fuji Language School Exterior

The best location to view the Tokyo Skytree (634m tall) is mere steps away from Tokyo Fuji Language School.

Open-door staff room

The staff room has an open-door policy and students may regard it as a second home. Although the staff speaks mainly Japanese to facilitate language-learning, there are always staff fluent in Chinese/English/Vietnamese to help.
They are always willing to provide guidance on matters such as employment, admissions to institutes of higher education and troubles with life in Japan.


At Tokyo Fuji Language School, courses are organized by proficiency and class sizes are kept small. In a small class, students will be called to answer questions by the teachers. To build an interactive Japanese learning environment, students are encouraged to clarify any doubts they have immediately by raising their hands.

Counselling Room

There are many reference books, university and vocational school guides catalogues and ready for students to use.
In addition to the books, there are also experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand to help and guide you.

Class Overview

This is a realistic description of lessons. Please see the Campus Life page to learn more about the extra-curricular and off-campus activities available. In addition to seminars, we also prepare a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to learn about Japanese culture. We encourage students to take Japanese proficiency tests and to self-learn as well.

〒 131-0033 Tokyo Mukojima, Sumida-ku 2-18-5
Tel: 03-5637-7189 / Fax: 03-5637-7179

9-minute walk from Tohokyo Sky Tree Station (Tobu Sky Tree Line)
10-minute walk from Oshiage Station A3 Exit (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/Toei Asakusa Line)

39 minutes direct from Haneda Airport to Oshiage Station
49 minutes direct from Narita Airport to Oshiage Station