Learn about Japan in a city where old and new histories meet.

Tokyo Fuji Language School is established in Mukojima, Sumida Ward - a place where historical sites of Edo and modern landmarks like Tokyo Skytree coexist.
It will become the first Japanese language school in the Tokyo Skytree area.
To be able to play an integral role in the increasingly globalized world of today, it is paramount to be able to understand and communicate in foreign languages across different cultures.
Under the advice of veteran Japanese language teachers, we have put together a young and experienced faculty that will provide you with high quality guidance in your Japanese language learning endeavors.
By participating in various immersion programs organized by the school throughout the year, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture. The teachers and staff also do their best to ensure that every student gains the necessary skills to cope in the multicultural world through their learning of the Japanese language and culture.

School Introduction

Asakusa/Skytree area is one of Japan’s major tourist attractions.
Situated conveniently between Haneda and Narita Airports, Tokyo Fuji Language school has both veteran and young teachers who will fully support your endeavors to “learn Japanese” and to “remain in Japan”
An office equipped with staff fluent in Chinese, English and Vietnamese, a non-discriminatory student dormitory and it’s convenient location for daily living makes Tokyo Fuji Language school the ideal environment for learning Japanese.

Course Information

At Tokyo Fuji Language school, our aim is to increase your ability to “listen to others” + “express your opinions” + “adopt a global perspective” through learning Japanese. Various lessons have been prepared specifically for University Admissions and Japanese Company’s Employment etc.
We also collate the unique attributes of each course, the type of visa required and frequently asked questions etc. all of which is assessible on this website.

Campus Life

At Tokyo Fuji Language school, we must not only learn Japanese, but also learn about the Japanese culture. Located near symbols of the 21st Century Tokyo - Sumida River, Edo’s People Cultural Center and Skytree, our school is well-situated to learn both the old and new Japanese culture.Our photo galleries also showcase a myriad of extra-curricular activities: cherry blossom viewing at Sumida Park - one of Tokyo’s most famous cherry blossom viewing locations that is near the school, admission ceremonies for students, experiencing Tokyo Skytree from the summit and watching the fireworks by the Sumida river. As photographs will be uploaded after each event, be sure to check out the school culture before departure.


A school that teaches you not only Japanese, but also about Japan.

On most Japanese language schools’ websites, there is an emphasis placed on school fees, course details and the application process. At Tokyo Fuji language school we provide a comprehensive guide to our school by including details on the living environment. We want you to choose our school confidently.
In addition to the many photographs showcasing our school, we will also address any of your queries and concerns regarding life in Japan to help ease your transition to life in Japan and your learning.

Campus Life

At Tokyo Fuji language school, you can view photographs of our recent school events and extra-curricular activities in the Campus Life section.
This picture is of the admission ceremony held in April 2017. We organize two admission ceremonies each year in April and October, based on the student’s arrival date and course. This year, we are privileged to welcome students from many different countries. As of April 2017, we have around 100 students from five countries including China, Vietnam, Nepal, Uzbekistan and Myanmar.

Further Studies

At Tokyo Fuji language school, we have an excellent “General Study Abroad Course” that lasts from one year to a maximum of two years, with new intakes every 3 months.
Furthermore, we also have specialized courses catered to your different needs. For students who wish to enter a Japanese higher education institution (University/Graduate school) and are equipped with a certain level of Japanese proficiency, they can opt for our “Special Progression Course”. For graduating students who wish to work in a Japanese company or start a business in Japan, we offer “Business Courses”.
We also offer short term programs that do not require studying visas, do enquire for more details.

Admission Guide

For admissions to the Tokyo Fuji language school, please refer to the webpage for each course of study to learn more about the admission qualifications and information required.
Study visas are required for all courses that last more than a year. Please click on the image “Application for Enrollment” to learn more about visas applications.

Life in Japan

You will have some uneasiness and anxiety when you first move to Japan to study. It is without a doubt that Tokyo Fuji language school will provide you with any support that you may need through our competent staff who are fluent in various languages. In addition, we have prepared answers to some frequently asked questions about living abroad in the “Frequently Asked Questions” column.
Apart from Japan’s resident registration and medical insurance, there are also traffic laws and bicycle rules that you will have to abide by so please read up before departure.