Students in this course will acquire a higher level of communication skills in Japanese, as well as Japanese proficiency above their current N2 level.

We offer support to students who wish to be employed in Japanese companies and start-ups after graduation.

Required Japanese Proficiency: Passed N2 Level of JLPT or other equivalent examinations

Visa Type: Student Visa

Length of Course: 1 year

Admission in April, Graduation in March


Admission process

  1. Necessary documents and application form to be mailed to school (6 months prior)
  2. The school will notify you of the results of the review (1 month prior)
  3. Payment of school fees
  4. Certificate of Eligibility will be mailed to student
  5. Student to head to the embassy to apply for Visa
  6. Purchase plane tickets to Japan and notify school (15 days prior)
  7. Arrive in Japan 3 days before school starts Start life in Japan