Area map

We will introduce the Tokyo Skytree area where the school is located.

The Tokyo Skytree/ Oshigami area where the Tokyo Fuji Language School has been major tourist destination since the opening of the tallest building in Japan, Tokyo Skytree, in 2012.
This area is near famous sight-seeing spots, such as Asakusa and Ueno, and near places famous for its subculture, such as Akihabara. This overlap of historical and modern attractions help makes this area ideal for learning Japanese and Japanese culture.

Varied options for further studies after graduation

Meiji University, Hosei University, Rikkyo University, Chuo University, the University of Tokyo, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music are all located near our school. The Tokyo Skytree area where our school is located is hence one of the most university-concentrated areas in Japan.
Waseda University, Keio University and other well-known private universities are a mere 30-40-minute drive away. There are also many vocational schools for nursing, beauty, automobiles, culinary-skills and business in the Skytree area.
Students have a large variety of options to choose from after graduation, regardless of their interests.

The best location to learn about Japanese culture

Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree are amongst the best sight-seeing spots in Japan. Apart from being a place where historical and modern landmarks co-exist, this area has also played a part in the development of the Japanese national art of Sumo and the Geisha culture.
Edo Kimono dolls and the Edo-Tokyo museum is also located in this area making the area rich in "Edo culture" as well.
Hence, this area is the best place for students who are interested in not only Japanese but also in Japanese traditional culture and crafts.

Attractions along the Sumida River

Our school is close to the Sumida River - a significant vessel for Edo's civilian culture, hence you can experience traditional Edo culture throughout the year here.
In Spring, there are colorful cherry blossom festivals and carp fishing festivals.
In Summer, you can admire the spectacular fireworks display of Sumida River from our school's rooftop.
You can also jostle with the crowd of worshippers at the Sensoji temple nearby to ring in the New Year.
There are many schools that organize activities for students to immerse themselves in the Japanese culture. However, it is rare for a school to be within walking distance of these culturally-rich locations.