On November 5th (Monday), 60 new students were enrolment.

Speech by the director general   ■Headmaster’s opening speech


■Freshmen are introduced

Teachers are introduction .

Welcome congratulatory message from the  representative of freshmen

had made wonderful greetings in fluent Japanese.

◆ALonso   (Spain)                                           ◆Wei Jiayuan  (China)

◆Lin guangyun (China)

Greetings from old students at school

used Very proficient Japanese to expresse welcome greetings .

The new students are so happy!

●Li jiayin((China))       ●Abdulvosit(Uzbekistan)

Shi xuantong(China)

talent show of new students

Performing with just learned Japanese→good!

ALonso‘s guitar performance
Classical music in Spain
Everyone is intoxicated with music!!

Photo shoot

◆singing national anthem.

New students from Canada, Spain and Philippines have been added.
listening to the national anthem and promote mutual understanding.












◆Burma                                   ◆Sri Lanka



◆Bangladesh                        ◆Indonesia





Finally, the whole crew took the memorial photo.。

1!、2!、3!   Hi、 cheese !!