Located just a short 3-minute walk from school.

On the east coast of Sumida river beyond the Godobashi bridge, Asakusa crosses over into the “Bokuto area”.

From here, it is located on the northern part of the east coast of Sumida river.



This is the shrine depicted in the Ukiyoe painting.

In the Edo period, the guardian of the Mitsui family (Echigoya) travelled to Edo (now Tokyo) after passing through Ise / Matsuzaka in the Lake Biwa Omi area.

Till now, it is is still watching over the Mitsui family, including their department stores, Mitsukoshi and Mitsui.

There is also a legend of a bronze statue of a fox called “Concon San” in the district.

Furthermore, the same “Lion statue” as those that stand in front of the Mitsukoshi main store can also be found here.

They seem to have been relocated from the Mitsukoshi Ikebukuro store which has since been shut down. (This is further proof that this shrine is protecting the Mitsui family).